Sunday, February 20, 2011

looking back..;)

looking back..searching for the 'old you' was the best thing i had done remind ur self of anything u hold dear to heart since back all the suffering, joy and sacrifice back there..

once in a while, I would love to read back all my post in this my own diary of life..looking what's important to dreams ;)esp when u're lost..;)

for me to keep my journey on the right that i won't forget who am i inside..
sometimes we walk too fast in life and forgot what's our aim in life..
what is the reason of living? what is your correct way of life?

sometimes we forgot the basic need in ur life when u're too busy with the 'worldly things'..
o Allah, how i'm ashamed of my life of not managing my time well but i know i have my priority clear...i'm glad that Allah still give me chance to prove it..o Allah, it is still a long way to go.. please give me strength and iman to pass it all with flying colours.. make this 'hijrah' for me to start fresh and become better in every aspect of my life in my search for mardhatillah..ameen

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